Why Entrepreneurs Should Celebrate Earth Day

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Earth Day reminds entrepreneurs that we’re connected to nature.

This week we celebrate Earth Day and it made me ponder how disconnected entrepreneurs can be from our environment. In my home on Long Island, New York, early Spring is beautiful. Tulip stems are fully formed. Shrubs are coming back to life and sprouting leaves. And magnolia, forsythia and cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

I can see all of this through my office window. That is, I can see this whenever I’m not staring at the two computer monitors on my desk! Sometimes I feel like going outdoors is a gift that I’m too busy to unwrap.

Earth Day, which was founded in 1970 by United States Senator Gaylord Nelson, is a great opportunity to recognize the natural world and explore what’s outside your office window.

Earth Day reminds entrepreneurs that life is about balance.

I’ve always liked the idea of a maternal spirit — aka “Mother Earth” — taking care of the planet. The natural world is a complex balancing act of light/dark, growth/contraction, birth/death, ebb/flow and much more. The physical world is balanced.

The life of entrepreneurs, however, is generally not balanced.

Author Megan Bruneau writes eloquently about the stress of entrepreneurship in her April 18, 2018 article published in Forbes. Entrepreneurs are “easily trapped in a “never-not-working” mentality, forgoing opportunities for fun and connection and thinking about work even when we’re not actually working … . We’re notoriously sleep-deprived, undernourished, over-caffeinated and financially constrained – with little emphasis on self-care and adaptive coping strategies such as (healthy) exercise and fun.”

Earth Day is a great time to shift the balance in our lives to a more healthy relationship with ourselves, others, and our work.

Earth Day reminds entrepreneurs that we’re physical beings.

Most entrepreneurs that I know – including myself – earn our livings with our brains. Our business is in good shape as long as we can think, type, and hold a smart phone. So it’s easy to ignore the aching neck or sore back that results from hours at the computer.

Being in nature – whether it’s taking a walk, planting a garden, or smelling the roses – engages our physical senses. We move our bodies through space and feel the ground under our feet, the wind in our face, and the sunshine (or rain) on our shoulders. This experience is very grounding and rejuvenating (not to mention the additional benefits of exercise).

Earth Day is a wonderful opportunity to make tweaks in our business – such as adding a lunchtime walk — to benefit our physical bodies.

Imagine yourself at Earth Day 2023.

Imagine the benefits of incorporating these Earth Day reminders into your business. You will feel more balanced, more connected with nature, and have a healthier physical body.

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Why Entrepreneurs Should Celebrate Earth Day
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