How to deal with information overload

Information Overload is a Big Challenge for Solopreneurs Because solopreneurs are jack-of-all-trades, we are more vulnerable to information overload than most. We’re not just keeping up with information in our area of specialty. We’re also trying to optimize our social media profiles, figure out Facebook advertising, keep our accounting up-to-date, and make sure nobody hacks […]

How to Choose a Business Coach

You’re likely familiar with athletic coaches. Athletes hire coaches to help with nutrition, speed, conditioning, and mindset. Working with a coach can help an athlete improve their technique, reduce injuries, stay motivated, and more quickly reach their goals and potential. What does a business coach do? Hiring a business coach can help move your business […]

Resources to learn entrepreneur skills

Importance of training for entrepreneurs I am a solo entrepreneur who has been able to DIY (Do It Yourself) most parts of my business. That’s been possible because I invested in software systems with helplines, as well as education programs that provide tutorials. This combination has made it possible for me to build my own […]

The Importance of Accessible Education

One of the big takeaways from covid-19 shutdowns was the importance of in-school instruction. Even when remote learning was an option, student education suffered due to isolation, technical issues, the inability to concentrate due to background noise, and a lack of connection with their teachers.  A study conducted by Mckinsey showed that the impact of […]

Am I a solopreneur, entrepreneur, employee, or independent contractor?

How do you describe your business? Knowing the right terms will help you speak confidently about your business. Understanding the difference between being an employee and an independent contractor will determine how you are compensated for your work and also how you pay your taxes. It can also keep you from getting into trouble with […]

20 Best Business Books for Female Solopreneurs

​ I am privileged to run a Book Club for female solo business owners who are members of the Solopreneur Academy community. Each month, we discuss a book of particular interest to female business owners. Here are some of our favorites. (Videos are available for Solopreneur Academy members.)​ 1. Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven […]

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